The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia had close ties to European Crusader States. Later on, the deteriorating state of affairs within the area led the bishops of Armenia to elect a Catholicos in Etchmiadzin, the original seat of the Catholicosate. In 1441, a new Catholicos was elected in Etchmiadzin in the individual of Kirakos Virapetsi, whereas Krikor Moussapegiants preserved his title as Catholicos of Cilicia. Therefore, since 1441, there have been two Catholicosates in the Armenian Church with equal rights and privileges, and with their respective jurisdictions.

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More than 50 percent of the country’s population lives beneath the poverty line. The evidences of high-degree and large-scale wine manufacturing in Armenia are as international (Herodotus, Strabo, Xenophon and others) and Armenian historians of the 5th-18th centuries, as well as sculptures of architectural monuments and protocols. Armenia’s current area began wine production within the 2nd half of the 19th century. At the top of the nineteenth century, next to the small companies in Yerevan, Ghamarlu (Artashat), Ashtarak, Echmiadzin (Vagharshapat ), there have been 4 mill. Harissa is a porridge made from wheat and meat cooked collectively for a very long time, originally within the tonir however nowadays over a range.

Following Perestroika the primary Bahá’í Local Spiritual Assemblies of Armenia form in 1991 and Armenian Bahá’ís elected their first National Spiritual Assembly in 1995. As of 2004 the Bahá’ís claim about 200 members in Armenia but armenian women for marriage as of 2001 Operation World[unreliable source] estimated about 1,four hundred. Hetanism (Հեթանոսություն, Hetanosutyun) is a neo-ethnic religion movement in Armenia.

The PKK management has acknowledged the Armenian Genocide and apologized for Kurdish involvement. There have also been seminars held by Armenian and Kurdish groups to debate both the genocide and Turkey. During the Turkey-PKK warfare, a photograph showing PKK chief Abdullah Öcalan with M. Yohanna, the Syriac Orthodox bishop of Aleppo, was utilized by two Turkish newspapers Tercüman and Sabah in 1994 to attempt to show that Turkey’s Armenian neighborhood and church have been openly supporting and collaborating with the PKK.

On 24 April 1915, Armenian intellectuals had been arrested by Ottoman authorities and, with the Tehcir Law (29 May 1915), ultimately a large proportion of Armenians residing in Anatolia perished in what has turn out to be generally known as the Armenian Genocide. The Ottoman Empire started to collapse, and in 1908, the Young Turk Revolution overthrew the federal government of Sultan Hamid. In April 1909, the Adana bloodbath occurred in the Adana Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire resulting within the deaths of as many as 20,000–30,000 Armenians.

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It finds some support from nationalist political events of Armenia, notably the Republican Party of Armenia and the Union of Armenian Aryans. Ashot Navasardyan, the founding father of the Republican Party, which can also be the currently leading party of the nation, was a Hetan himself, as many other members of the party are.

Tensions additionally developed between Soviet Azerbaijan and its autonomous district of Nagorno-Karabakh, a majority-Armenian region. Peaceful protests in Yerevan supporting the Karabakh Armenians have been met with anti-Armenian pogroms within the Azerbaijani city of Sumgait.

The beer trade is developing barley malt and producing beer from it. According to the Greek historian Xenophon the manufacture of beer in Armenia has begun from BC fifth-4th centuries. For a comparatively land-locked country, Armenian delicacies features a shocking number of fish dishes. Fish could have been used to stuff greens in historic instances, although that isn’t common anymore. Armenian appetizers include stuffed vine leaves (called yalanchy sarma, a kind of dolma), a fried cheese-stuffed pastry referred to as dabgadz banir boerag, stuffed mussels (midye dolma) and several other types of pickled greens generally called torshi.

In fact, the normal position of the Armenian woman has always been as a homemaker, wife and mother. The woman is the energy of the household, in a conventional Armenian family.


Life in the capital city may be very totally different; those that stay in big cities have far more independence to precise them. Indeed, one of the best ways to meet Armenian girls is to go to the country and actually bump into her – on the street, in a park, in a restaurant or somewhere else!


They stated that it was found by Turkish safety forces during a search in the rooms of the company Özgür Gündem. The Turkish media additionally claimed that Armenia was internet hosting PKK coaching camps, however the allegations have been proven to be untrue. However, Turkish revolutionaries led by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk rejected the treaty as “unacceptable” and fought for whole management of all of Anatolia in the Turkish War of Independence. The Sèvres treaty was then succeeded and changed by the Treaty of Lausanne which established, roughly, the current-day borders of the Republic of Turkey (except Hatay).

Like ashure, the Christmas Pudding may be garnished with pomegranate seeds and flavored with rose water, and shared with neighbors in the course of the Christmas season. This festive pudding is the centerpiece of the New Year’s table, which is often decorated with dried fruits, nuts and pomegranates.

Why you should rejoice Christmas in Armenia?

He had risen to prominence by leading the Karabakh movement for the unification of the Armenian-populated Nagorno-Karabakh. On 26 December 1991, the Soviet Union ceased to exist and Armenia’s independence was recognised.