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We are producing for the best ones…
As TORDEMIR, we perform the required works before taking the order and provide a perfect and rapid service by considering the production plans of the companies, which we are the solution partner, and the notifications related to the work.

Briefly, as your solution partner, we provide more than a supplier…

Therefore, any Tor Demir branded product converts the customer satisfaction including quality, stability and profession. So, Tor Demir is a solution partner not only for Turkey but also for the leading companies in the world… You can contact with us to obtain information related to our solution partners and references
High Quality Standards
Generating solution for the leading companies in the world and having service dynamics in universal quality standards, our company has registered its quality with international documentary and certificates.
Experience and Technology
TORDEMIR has a team, utilizing the technology expertly and a diverse and high capacity machines including high sensitive state-of-the-art benches in sheet metal processing sector.
Reliance is significant
The installation and final product form of the sheet metals, processed in our benches, after the processes of welding and machining, gives confidence with its quality in all stages.
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