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On this journey that we have begun with the desire to achieve, our aim is to improve our employee’s by understanding, explaining, profession, experience and innovativeness with a caring approach and to fulfil the applications that will help them reach success. As we do our work as
the Human Resources and Corporate Communication Team we vow to work accordingly to the following working principles.
Facility on the Future, Development and Change
In our work, we give priority to the practices that will render the institutes’ success today and its success in the future. With our education and development studies, along with the individuals, we plan and implement by perceiving as an institutional development tool in the direction of ‘’Acceleration of Change’’. By perceiving our institutes needs of change on time, we determine the tools and methods suitable to culture and values.

Protection of Rights, Equal Opportunities and Privacy
Our applicants and employee’s both have equal opportunities. No discrimination is made according to religion, language, race or gender. Our evaluations are made in the most impartial way possible. We always put the institutes’ interests ahead our own. With the information of our employees, the application and curriculum vitae information of our applicants are meticulously kept secret. They cannot be shared with other people or institutions without informing the person and getting their permission. With Human Resources practices in all official or non-official changes and updates that occur outside the institute, decisions made before the employees are announced to the employees. Whenever our employees need information or help they can consult Human Resources. We aim to ensure you a clean, healthy and peaceful working environment with its health safety conditions provided.

Communication and Empathy
To plan our work in the best way possible, understand our internal customers and employees need and transfer our work correctly we act on the principle of Tor Demir’s ‘’3A Principle, UNDERSTAND, EXPLAİN AND NEGOTİATE’’ and try to always be in contact with our employees. With the conscious that the best decisions for our work are made through understanding, we approach our employee’s needs, rights, expectations and emotions sincerely, empathic, respectfully and positively.

Expertise and Research and Development
Employees in the Human Resources Department, with the aim to produce results compatible to the strategies and goals, focused on success and communication, is realized by employees with craft knowledge and experience. To ensure continuity of work results and transferring the constantly evolving system, models and best practices to Tor Demir correctly is in the responsibility of Human Resources.

Creating a Social Development and ‘’Unity’’ Environment
As Human Resources ‘’Creating a Social Unity’’ is one of our most important aims. The main objective is ‘’not entertainment’’ but keeping the ‘’sense of unity’’ alive by creating a unity and solidarity environment based on emotions of sincerity and enthusiasm comprised of being together and sharing.
You can send your CV to this address. Our authorized department will evaluate your application at the shortest time and reply.     
High Quality Standards
Generating solution for the leading companies in the world and having service dynamics in universal quality standards, our company has registered its quality with international documentary and certificates.
Experience and Technology
TORDEMIR has a team, utilizing the technology expertly and a diverse and high capacity machines including high sensitive state-of-the-art benches in sheet metal processing sector.
Reliance is significant
The installation and final product form of the sheet metals, processed in our benches, after the processes of welding and machining, gives confidence with its quality in all stages.
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